Replacing a chair, sofa or some other furniture piece with a new one? Enhancing a corner space? Redecorating a room? Decorating a brand new home? Whatever your goal, Binkley Nash Furniture & Design can help you pull it all together.
Many customers tell us our in-home design services help them avoid measurement mix-ups and better define what they really want.
That’s because our experienced in-home style consultant can show you:
• Hundreds of furniture styles, colors, fabrics and textures that either blend or contrast with existing furniture in your home or create an engaging environment throughout your new home.
• How furniture proportions can change the perception of space in a room.
• Accessories that will personalize your home.
So, don’t risk measuring something wrong, buying furniture that’s just too-big or too-small compared to other pieces in your home, or missing out on new interior decorating ideas that could truly breathe new life into a room. Let us help you today!
Contact us today, below or via our FaceBook page, to make an appointment with our In-Home Style Consultant to come to your home and consult with you.